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Hawaii Slammers Boys FUNDRAISER!

Please Come and Support the Hawaii Slammers 98 Boys in their fundraiser event for USCLUBSOCCER Tournament! GOOD FRIDAY DANCE HALL FUNDRAISER!

Date: Good Friday: April 18, 2014  Where: South Street Lounge, 2065 S. King St.    Time: 9pm to Closing,   Music by Rockers Island DJs

For Tickets call Sheil : 219-0501 or Sonja (860) 965-6268

    Director Of Coaching: TONY'S TIP OF THE WEEK 12-12-13

    BEE POLLEN: A wonder of Nature but also a Sports Enhancer!

    Health Benefits:
    Energy enhancer, skin soother, respiratory effects, treating allergies, aids the digestive system, immune system booster, treats addictions, supports the cardiovascular system…..and much more!
    Bee Pollen contains almost twice the amount of protein in beef, twice as much iron than any other food, substantial amounts of highly-absorbed vitamins and minerals, and thousands of world class athletes even take bee pollen as “Legal Sports Enhancer”!  
    A former Russian Olympic Coach (Remi Korchemny) performed a 2-year study to confirm that "bee pollen does improve crucial recovery power of athletes after stressed performances." (source available)
    Supposedly, bee pollen increases stamina, strength, speed, and endurance. It also improves physical reactions, alertness, and resistance before exercise. Bee pollen is said to "produce accelerated rate of recovery, including return to normal heart rate, breathing, and readiness for the next event."

    Coach Tony is a former UEFA Professional Player & Coach. He is also a Certified Personal Trainner from the National Academy of Sports Medicine USA.


    We would like to announce Coach Marcello as our new Ball Skills Trainer. Coach Marcello is originally from Brazil and has played at the highest level in his Country. We are excited that he is teaching our kids some unique Brazillian ball skills. His moves are amazing! We are honored to have him here at Hawaii Slammers SC.

    We would also like to announce Coach Alex as our new Goal Keeping Coach. Coach Alex is originally from Norway and has played soccer in Various Norwegin Soccer Academys. He has also played at some of the highest levels of professional soccer in his native country. He has been working aggressively with our keepers to teach them all the skills that will help them become the best keepers in the state! Our keepers are having a blast with Coach Alex!

    Coach Marcello: Ball Skills trainer!

    Come and Join Us! Be part of the club!

    At Hawaii Slammers we are all about developing each child with the soccer skills they need to become a complete soccer player. Coaches and staff are dedicated to your child.   CALL 445-7060 or email us at  info@hawaiislammerssc.org



    • GIRLS: U7/U8B (05/06 born players), U13B (01 born players/team), U11B (03 born players/team), U15 (99 born players), U16/U17 age players. Please call for more details 
    • BOYS: U7/U8 (05 Team), U15 (99 players/team), U14 (00 born players/team), U13 (01Born players/team). 
    • Open Tryouts! Your welcome to Try Us Out and Join one of our practice sessions!
    • CALL 445-7060


    For kids ages 4-7. Let the young kids have fun too with soccer! We focus on ball skills, encouraging the kids to have fun and learn the basics of the game. Once a Week practice...Starting NOW! CALL 808-445-7060 or info@hawaiislammerssc.org

    SIGN UP NOW! Lil Hawaii Slammers Academy OPEN ENROLLMENT!

    Calling all future soccer players, club siblings and future young members! Sign up now for the Lil' Hawaii Slammers Training Academy. Once a week training for kids ages 4 to 9. Let us teach them at an early age!   We focus on Ball skills, Speed Dribbling, 1V1 skills, and overall individual player development while incorporating LOTS OF FUN!  CALL 445-7060   SIGN UP TODAY!


    Uniform supplier for Hawaii Slammers SC