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OPEN TRYOUTS! Come and Join Us and be a part of the club!

At Hawaii Slammers we are all about developing each child with the soccer skills they need to become a complete soccer player. Coaches and staff are dedicated to your child.   CALL 445-7060 or email us at  info@hawaiislammerssc.org



  • GIRLS: U7/U8, U9, U10, U12, U13, U14, U15, U16 (99 Girls), U17 (98 Girls).
  • Please call for more details 
  • BOYS: U7/U8, U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U16 (99 players/team), U17 (98 Boys)  
  • Open Tryouts! Your welcome to Try Us Out and Join one of our practice sessions!
  • CALL 445-7060


For kids ages 4-7. Let the young kids have fun too with soccer! We focus on ball skills, encouraging the kids to have fun and learn the basics of the game. Once a Week practice...Starting NOW! CALL 808-445-7060 or info@hawaiislammerssc.org


CALL 387-7632 Limited spaces available!


    Hawaii Slammers is proud to announce and introduce to everyone our New SPEED & QUICKNESS Coach: John Posey. Coach Posey is a National Track coach who has just joined Hawaii Slammers SC as our Speed and Quickness Coach. Coach P has over 10 years of taking athletes to the Junior National and National Track and Field Championships. He will be bringing his years of knowledge as a speed coach to all the players in our club! Coach P will be working with all of the players on each team at least once a week.  We are honored to have a coach with his expereince as parf of our Coaching Staff. As Coach P says, "if your slow i will make you fast! If your fast, i will make you FASTER!".....Welcome to the Hawaii Slammers Ohana Coach P!  Coach P is available for Private lessons for club members at a discounted rate. Please see Coach P for more information.

    Hawaii Slammers SC- 2014 Summer Tournaments!

    2014 Far West Regional Championships- Hawaii Slammers 02G represent!

    Director Of Coaching: TONY'S TIP OF THE WEEK 4-10-14


    #1) SET CLEAR, CHALLENGING GOALS! – You have to know where you're going if you really want to get there! You have to have a compelling reason for continuously working hard and sacrificing on a daily basis. Your goals will provide you with this! They will fuel your efforts and direct your energies!” (Michael Phelps)

    #2) WORK HARD – Discipline!

    There is no replacement for this! How hard you work will many times determine how high you will reach! Every day, every practice, every moment counts!


    This, in my opinion, is one of the crucial factors that separate the best from the rest!!

    If we want to build a solid foundation that will serve us years to come and give us the competitive advantage over the other athletes, we need to pay a very close attention to the small details!

    “The angle of our foot in our first touch”, “your head movement during any passing drill, “your breathing technique’…etc. these are all examples of small details that are crucial in the development of a successful soccer player!

    #4) Pre-Performance Calmness!

    Allowing the nervousness to take over before an event or a game will never let you perform at you best!

    The ability to motivate yourself before a game but at the same time control you nervousness and maintain mental calmness is a characteristic of a Champion! A relaxation method is needed! It can be a form of meditation or as Michael Phelps did, “ Progresive Muscle Relaxation’! The control of the mind is crucial!

    #5) A Pre-Performance Ritual!

    Having a pre-performance ritual is proven to be an efficient way of keeping your mind under control, and staying focused before the start of a sports event or a game! Stretching in a specific way, listening to a specific music, tying your shoes in a specific way…are some rituals that can help an athlete to maintain focus and calmness, and prove to increase his/her confidence!

    6) Visualization of Your “Successful” Performance!

    I posted a short text about the power of visualization last year! It is VERY important and efficient in our mental preparation for a successful performance!

    Regular mental practice will build the confidence and the calmness which will help us to perform in our optimal level! CRUCIAL!

    7) Always Believe in Yourself

    No matter what anybody else says, you always need to believe in yourself. Regardless of some mistakes during a game, failure in some of your performance, never stop believing in yourself!

    Only you know your own capabilities, no one else!

    Bee Pollen contains almost twice the amount of protein in beef, twice as much iron than any other food, substantial amounts of highly-absorbed vitamins and minerals, and thousands of world class athletes even take bee pollen as “Legal Sports Enhancer”!  
    A former Russian Olympic Coach (Remi Korchemny) performed a 2-year study to confirm that "bee pollen does improve crucial recovery power of athletes after stressed performances." (source available)
    Supposedly, bee pollen increases stamina, strength, speed, and endurance. It also improves physical reactions, alertness, and resistance before exercise. Bee pollen is said to "produce accelerated rate of recovery, including return to normal heart rate, breathing, and readiness for the next event."

    Coach Tony is a former UEFA Professional Player & Coach. He is also a Certified Personal Trainner from the National Academy of Sports Medicine USA.

    Uniform supplier for Hawaii Slammers SC